lágrimas de higo

Extremadura has 50% of the extension of fig trees in Spain, with a production of 8,200 tons per year.

Almoharín is the quintessential town for figs, as it can be proud of being the largest producer of figs in the country, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.


The company Lágrimas de Higo was founded in 2010, this year Rosa Meneses Duque, the foundress, builds a processing fig product plant. From the beginning she started to export products to European countries. However business tradition dates back to 1971.

Almoharín, excellent area for fig producing, has a suitable weather for growing the variety of fig called Calabacita. The fruits are of high quality and appreciated for their thin skin, mellow and sweet.

Lágrimas de Higo is placed in Almoharín, surrounded by fig trees. The town is known worldwide as  Tierra de higos. We can say that our plant reach freshly picked from the tree.

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selected dried figs

Fresh and dried figs are a major natural source of energy. They do not contain any fat, sodium or choresterol; on the other hand there are in them abundant very necessary fibers, among other things, to reduce problems of cardiac origin, due to its high content in polyphenols.


almond fig bread

Natural product made from dried figs, almonds, cinnamon anise in grain between two thin layers of wafer.


figs without stems

In order to make the distribucion of this product easier, we pack dry figs without stems in bags, facilitating treatment.



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